Why cyber insurance?

No matter the size, every business has weak spots. Just because your business is small or does not maintain critical data assets does not mean you cannot be the target of a cyber attack.

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Why you can be a target?

Cyber insurance minimizes the risks arising from these vulnerabilities.

When security fails, cyber insurance is your plan B.

From the cybercrime costs to business interruption losses, Baobab's Cyber Safe insurance policy covers expenses to put your business back on track.

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Your partners

You are an entry point to bigger partner companies.

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Your data

You maintain easily accessible customer data.

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Your cash

Inadequate employee training offers an easy way in.

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What does cyber
insurance cover?

For situations you cannot control, we make sure you are covered
by the cyber insurance.

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Privacy liability

Third-party costs can arise from: customer compensation in the event of a cyber incident or data breach, legal expenses and fines or penalties incurred due to a regulatory investigation.

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Network security

Provides coverage in the event of security failure: a data breach, cyber extortion, ransomware.
It includes first-party costs such as legal expenses, IT forensics, breach notification to consumers, public relations expertise, negotiation, and payment of a ransom demand.

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Business interruption

A reliance on technology to operate increases risk for most organizations. We will respond to an operational risk event, allowing you to recover lost profits and fixed expenses incurred during the time your business was impacted.

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Media liability

Provides coverage for intellectual property infringement resulting from the advertising of your products or services.

What does cyber insurance cover?

For situations you cannot control, we make sure you are covered by Cyber Safe insurance.

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Privacy and Cyber liability

Legal defense costs, insurable fines, and penalties following third parties duties breach.

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Incident Response

IT forensic consultancy expenses, legal, public relations and notification costs.

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Business interruption

Compensation for loss of revenue incurred due to business interruption.

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Media liability

Intellectual property infringement caused by advertising of your products or services.

Why get cyber insurance from Baobab?

One size does not fit all.
Each business presents unique risks, in the way it collects, handles, and stores data, its approach to security, and risk appetite.
We understand your risks and offer expert advice in choosing the cover that suits your business.

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Start improving your cybersecurity

After scanning the company’s domain, you receive guidance to solve the identified issues. And because technical topics are too technical, with your Baobab Cyber Safe insurance policy, you receive a free cyber expert consultation.

We recommend the best partners who can help you fix your security vulnerabilities and benefit from special offers. You benefit from special offers from Baobab partners without any additional fee.

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Stay on top of your cyber risk

We offer cyber risk monitoring for free to enable you to make fast decisions and manage your risks in real-time.


Critical vulnerabilities

Administrative services that should never be accessible from the Internet (database and file servers) represent high security risks. Our scanning engine focuses on the most critical vulnerabilities typically targeted by hackers.


Poor email security

We check the use and effectiveness of common protection measures against forged mails (e-mail spoofing) and spam.


Leaked credentials & data

Identical passwords across several services increase the probability of accessing services that did not suffer a data leak. Due to cloud storage proliferation, many organizations accidentally expose sensitive data in S3 buckets, GitHub repositories, and more.

Get optimal support

Avoiding a cyber crisis can come down to properly managing a cyber incident. Baobab Cyber Safe insurance offers you the optimal support in case of an incident.

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Report incident

Report the incident as quickly as possible at
0800 - 1101100.

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Incident response team

We are available 24/7 to assist you with solving the incident.

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Recovering data

We recover your data and make your business run smoothly again.

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Claim validation

After the incident, we validate your claim and pay you as fast as possible.

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Follow up

We set a follow up call to check if everything is resolved.