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Baobab focuses not only on fixing things after the incident happened but rather on making sure that we minimize the chances of such an event.
Let's change the cyber insurance market.

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Get access to our fully-fledged cyber risk management solution

Risk visualization tool

Free scanning of customer digital assets and a compelling report of the findings.
Collaborate with your customer directly in the Baobab Customer Portal.

Holistic support for offer preparation

Our underwriters provide transparent feedback on applications and risk appetite. Our cyber security experts create clear action plans to establish insurability for your clients

Personalized pricing

Your customers will pay for their own risk.
Customers with a strong cyber security level pay less than their industry average price. We base our pricing on scanning results and answers to the risk questionnaire.

Extra benefits for your customers

Insurance and prevention go hand in hand.
Personalized cyber security post-sale consultation.
Special offers for cyber security services from our partners network.